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Police dispatchers play an important role in providing crucial information to officers on the street.  However, if they don’t obtain or relay the right information not only can an officer’s life be in jeopardy, it can also lead to the suppression of evidence, unconstitutional investigative detentions and searches.

This course is designed to give police dispatchers a basic understanding of arrest, search and seizure so they can obtain and relay the information officers will need to lawfully interact with citizens. The more information that is obtained and relayed, the easier it will be for an officer to conduct a proper and lawful investigative detention.

Course highlights include:

  • Questions to ask an anonymous caller reporting a crime
  • Questions to ask an anonymous caller reporting a subject armed with a firearm
  • Prioritizing questions to ask during a critical incident
  • The difference between a known caller and an anonymous tip
  • Information needed to corroborate an anonymous tip so an officer can conduct an investigative detention
  • Techniques for dealing with a hysterical caller
  • Reliability of 9-1-1 calls verses main line calls
  • And much more…