General Information
Rules & Regulations

Dress Code for Academy

All Personnel

  • Conservative business attire
  • Department uniform of the day


  • Mode of dress may be modified at the discretion of instructor
  • Recruits in Basic Training
  • Personnel attending physical courses such as: firearms, side-handle baton, defensive tactics, etc.
  • Other courses as determined by the Director of the Ocean County Police Academy

Prohibited Attire

  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Sweat/work out attire
  • Shirts without collars
  • Sneakers, sandals, flip-flops
  • Any sexually provocative or otherwise inappropriate attire
  • Any clothing that displays advertising, slogans or humor

Any person not in compliance with the Academy Dress Code will be refused admittance to a course of instruction.

Course Information
All In-Service training courses are scheduled to start at 8:00 AM and end at 4:30 PM unless noted in this catalog or specified by the instructor(s). Classes will be held at the Police Academy proper unless indicated. Classroom assignments are posted in the lobby for each class.

Registration is accepted on a first come, first serve basis, so it is important to register for a course at your earliest convenience. This will guarantee a seat in the class and will assist us in planning for future classes.

There are no fees associated with In-Service Training unless otherwise noted.

Certificates will be awarded on the last day of instruction to individuals who successfully complete the course.

In-Service and Specialized training students are prohibited from interfering or talking to any Basic Training Recruit; Basic Police Officer, Corrections Officer, Special Law Enforcement Officer Class II or Special Law Enforcement Officer Class I. If you encounter an issue with a Recruit please bring it to the attention of the Academy Staff. In-Service and Specialized training students are expected to set an example for basic trainees and will refrain from using profane, loud or offensive language while at the academy. All students are expected to treat instructors with the utmost courtesy and respect. Newspapers and periodicals not related to the course of instruction and not to be read during class.

Breaks are given approximately every hour at the instructor’s discretion. Classes normally break for lunch at noon but again will be at the instructor’s discretion.

All students are expected to clean their own area of responsibility. All debris shall be discarded in the proper receptacles. NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED IN OUR CLASSROOMS. Chairs will be grounded at the commencing of training and put back on the desktop and the conclusion of the training day.

In compliance with the New Jersey Free Air Act of 2006: Smoking is not permitted in this building OR IN THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING. Smoking is only permitted in outside designated areas. Cigarette debris should be disposed of in the proper receptacles staged in the exterior of the facility. This order will include the use of Electronic Cigarettes also known as “E-Cigarettes.”

Cellular Telephones/Radios
Department or personal cellular telephones should be set on SILENT, VIBRATE OR TURNED OFF. Portable Radios should be turned off.

All accidents/injuries occurring on Academy grounds must be reported to the attending instructor as soon as possible. An incident form must be completed and is retained by the Academy.

Operation of Motor Vehicles
All students are to be reminded that Ocean County Park, home of the Police Academy, is a recreational area utilized by hundreds of civilians on a daily basis. Adherence to the posted speed limit is a requirement.