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Required Prerequisites and Student Equipment

  • You must be a current Military or Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Certified or have completed the GLOCK Operator Course with a Level 2, 3, or 4 evaluation score.
  • The student will provide a GLOCK pistol with Optic Mounted, no modification other than sights or external cosmetics. Pistols with modifications that could render the pistol less safe than it was originally produced are not allowed.
  • The student will provide a strong side, belt supported holster which covers the trigger and trigger guard. Duty holsters are highly encouraged, but not required.
  • The student will provide a Magazine carrier(s) with or without flaps, capable of carrying two magazines and a minimum of 3 magazines.
  • The student will provide a belt capable of supporting the weight of the holster, pistol, and magazines.
  • The student will provide Eye protection, hearing protection, and a hat or ball cap with a brim or bill to prevent fired cases from landing behind the shooters glasses.
  • The student will provide 1,000 rounds of factory loaded ammunition of the proper caliber.

Course Outline:

  1. Introductions
  2. Required Equipment
  3. Principles of Learning
  4. Realistic Training Concepts
  5. Curriculum Development Techniques
  6. Coaching and Diagnostics Techniques
  7. Handgun Ballistics
  8. Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  9. Red Dot Sight Selection and Considerations
  10. Safety and Range Procedures
  11. Emergency Procedures
  12. Presentation of the pistol
  13. Manipulation of the GLOCK Pistol
  14. Ready Positions
  15. Malfunctions
  16. Target Engagements
  17. Shooting on the move forward, backward and lateral
  18. Alternate Positions
  19. Final Practical Examination