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During this course, we will provide you with valuable information regarding police service K-9 unit expectations and capabilities. You will learn how to structure a K-9 unit and how to select and train K-9 teams. Unique leadership strategies involving team building exercises will be an integral part of the class.

We will examine the care and maintenance as well as retirement and replacement decisions for the police service K-9. We will also discuss the specialized budgetary and records management responsibilities of the K-9 unit. Finally, we will provide you with legal updates and policy development as they relate to this unit.

Topics Include
Evolution of the police service K-9
Police service dog capabilities
Leadership strategies
Structuring a K-9 unit
Selection and expectations of K-9 teams
Training for a police service K-9
Team building development
Care and maintenance for a police service K-9
Records management
Retirement and replacement decisions for a police service K-9
K-9 legal updates and policy development
New supervisors to a police service K-9 program, newly appointed K-9 supervisors and experienced supervisors who want to enhance their managerial skills in a specialized K-9 unit

Course Length
32 hours

What to Bring
We strongly recommend bringing a laptop for group activities.

K-9s are not permitted to attend this course.