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*This course is REMOTE ONLY.

In this age of widespread concerns of police brutality and defund- police protests, it is the obligation of the Internal Affairs Team to be well trained to conduct fair, professional, and objective IA investigations that will stand up to public scrutiny.

The investigator will gain an understanding of police ethics, barriers that may hinder ethical behavior, and common types of police misconduct. We will also guide you through the legal requirements surrounding internal affairs investigations. From your department’s policies and relevant administrative laws to the legal issues related to record keeping and the releasing of information to the media, you will be informed on the latest rulings and accepted procedures. In addition, this course will provide effective techniques to prepare for and conduct interviews of complainants, witnesses and anyone in your agency accused of wrongdoing or improper behavior. Since many of these cases do not have solid evidence, the outcome often depends upon the skills of the interviewer.

Course Topics:

  • Police Ethics
  • Policies
  • Rules, Standards and Procedures
  • Misconduct and Discipline
  • Complaint Processing
  • Preparing for and Conducting Interviews
  • Legal Issues and Case Law
  • Recordkeeping Requirement