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How to challenge high performers and improve job performance of failing officers.

A plan implemented by the supervisory team to offer the failing officer opportunity to become a positive asset ensuring that the full value of an employee’s work is seen on a daily basis. This program also helps supervisors find effective ways to challenge high-performing officers without performance punishing and creating poor morale in the agency.

Every agency strives to hire the best possible people. Unfortunately, we do have employees that have unforeseen challenges and difficulties in the workplace which often have a negative effect on the officer, agency, and community.

The Employee Development Plan (EDP) is a positive process used by the supervisory team to clearly identify an employee’s specific deficiencies while working with him or her to create a workable plan to overcome identified issues.

Students are taught the EDP’s step-by-step process which identifies areas of concern, sets attainable goals, agreed upon solutions are made, and specific timetable to assess progress is formed.  This program sets success criteria that is clearly established and documented so that progress or lack of is unmistakable.