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Being a woman in the profession of law enforcement is different, whether people want to admit that or not. This course will explore the stigmas of women in policing and how we must take ownership to break those stigmas.

This 8-hour course led by Heather Glogolich, explores the gender-specific struggles of women in law enforcement, how to adapt and overcome them, and ultimately how to succeed. There is also a portion focusing on the rights of women and men under the Family Leave Act for pregnancy and maternity related medical conditions or to care for a family member. A growth mindset way of policing is exemplified through case studies, an emphasis on training and accountability, and resiliency.

Course highlights:

  • Recruiting of Women
  • Retaining Qualified Women
  • Stigmas of Women in Policing
  • Gender-specific Training
  • Victim-focused Policing
  • Pregnancy & Maternity / FMLA
  • Resiliency
  • The Role of the Female Leader