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This one day tactical pistol class is designed to enhance the skills, tactics and decision making responses for police officers. Officers will learn some of the most vital and “basic” components that will elevate the officers “advanced tactics” to the next level.

Who should attend: Police officers who are looking to sharpen their firearms and use of force tactical skills regardless of what job functions they cover in their daily police duties. This program will help enhance the police officer’s response options to use of force situations while also developing more confidence in the use of their firearms when needed.

Some topics will include, but not limited to:

  • Improved draw stroke
  • Pistol fundamentals review
  • Positional shooting
  • Recoil mitigation
  • Basic tactical movements
  • Use of force decision making

For registrations, contact Team APC at training@apc360zone.com or 1-866-634-3373.

About the Instructor: Vincent Rubio is an active Police Officer and Supervisor in the state of NJ who has spent many years as his department’s Range Master, department in-service tactical firearms trainer, Police academy firearms instructor, police service rifle, sub-machine gun instructor, and Deputy Commander of his county regional SWAT team. Mr. Rubio has worked with Mr. Jose Medina and Team APC for many years training police officers around the country and has been a vital contributor to enhancing the many firearms and other tactical training programs for Team APC for over 10 plus years. The overall goal of both Mr. Vincent Rubio and Team APC is to continuously keep our police officers always tactically educated, ready and proficient in all their skills.