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Course Summary:

Effective front-line supervision is essential for the success of any law enforcement agency. It is here where the vision and planning of the organization is put to the test. The front-line supervisor implements the goals and objectives established by upper management and the senior executive. If the performance of the front-line supervisor does not meet expectations, the goals and objectives may not be reached. It is imperative that senior leadership prepare and develop their current and future front-line supervisors.

This training will cover essential supervision and leadership theory, both as a precursor for future and new supervisors, but also as a needed refresher for existing supervisors. This 2-Day course will also utilize an assessment center component for students to problem solve and respond to common employee-centered issues. The primary focus of the exercises will relate to employee performance and discipline, both of which new supervisors have difficulties.

Course Highlights:

  • Instructed by current law enforcement executives
  • Examine Essential Leadership and Supervision Theories
  • Assessment Center Practical Scenarios designed to force students to address subordinates’ poor performance and/or disciplinary issues
  • Teaches students how to have difficult discussions with subordinates