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This course provides responders with training on all-hazards food emergency support operations. For the purpose of this course, food emergencies may include natural disasters, human-made disasters, foodborne outbreaks, or food adulterations that impact the food chain and have the potential for mass consequences. The course focuses on the performance and coordination of local, state, and federal agency operations during the response to and recovery from such emergencies. The course covers the four main phases of a food emergency response: incident identification and investigation, containment and control, disposal and decontamination, and recovery.

The course uses classroom instruction and a collaborative learning exercise to provide participants with the tools and knowledge to effectively respond to a variety of food emergencies. Finally, participants will create a comprehensive action plan specific to their particular agency or jurisdiction which incorporates course content. This action plan will familiarize participants with the critical considerations during food emergency response as it pertains to their specific job duties and responsibilities.

Min/Max Enrollment: Min 20; Max 40

Hours: 16.0

Format: Instructor-Led Training (Direct Delivery)

DHS Course #: PER-273

Professional Disciplines

Agricultural Safety, Emergency Management, Hazardous Materials, Public Health, Public Safety Communications

The target audience for the Direct Delivery version of this course includes:

  • Federal, state and local food investigators/inspectors
  • ​​Food safety and defense personnel responsible for food incident response
  • Food safety program managers
  • Personnel from state emergency management agencies
  • State homeland security office
  • State and local EPA
  • Public health epidemiologists
  • Public health personnel
  • Environmental health professionals
  • Veterinary epidemiologists
  • School program officials from state departments of education
  • Cooperative extension service personnel
  • Laboratory staff
  • Import Officers
  • Department of Defense (DoD) personnel responsible for food defense
  • Food industry personnel responsible for food safety
  • Public Information Officers (PIOs) from the various agencies represented


To Register:

NCBRT Online Registration
Class Information
PER-273 A Coordinated Response to Food Emergencies: Practice and Execution Lakewood, NJ
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 – Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Register online at: https://train.ncbrt.lsu.edu/Student/Register?ClassID=25290

Registration Password: NCBRT25290

If you have trained with NCBRT before, enter your FEMA SID, Last Name, and First Name. If your training record is found, your registration form will be pre-filled for you. Otherwise, click Register as New Person to fill out a blank registration form.

Confirmation Email
Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. This email will contain your FEMA SID and registration Confirmation Number. Make sure to have this information available to you in class! You will need this to take advantage of the online post-test and class evaluation.

As soon as you complete registration, you will see a link “Go to Class Page”. Click on this link to access the Class Information page. The pre-test will be available to you and should be completed prior to the class start date.

In Class
The online registration site is mobile friendly and can be used by any phone, tablet, or computer with internet access. At the end of training, a post-test and class evaluation will be conducted. Bring a device to class that can access the online registration site, so you may complete your post-test and evaluation online. Your post-test will be graded immediately, and you will be able to review the answers. As soon as the post-test is passed and the class evaluation is completed, your Class Information page will update to include a link for your certificate. The certificate may be downloaded as a PDF to your device, or sent as a PDF to your email.

If you need assistance with the online registration site, please contact the NCBRT Help Desk at help@ncbrt.lsu.edu.