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*This course is presented in-person or remote.

This 2-day course teaches various techniques to enable the officer to gain information and determine its accuracy of it during interview and interrogation processes.

This course covers the difference between interviews and interrogations, preparing for and conducting professional, structured criminal interviews and interrogations more effectively, and the different styles and proven techniques most used. Skills taught will enable investigators to detect deception by analyzing verbal and non-verbal communication.

Our highly experienced instructors teach how to:

  • prepare the room for the interview
  • building rapport
  • gathering data
  • interpret body language and gestures
  • defense mechanisms
  • emotional responses
  • using theme development and transitional stories
  • detecting deception
  • giving Miranda application, ensuring the admissibility of statements, and constitutional requirements
  • purpose of videoing and use of visual aids in statement taking

Students will participate in exercises with role players to practice the skills taught.