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This 4-day narcotics investigation course is designed to train your officers to properly and safely run their own drug investigation cases from beginning to the courtroom. This course will be held in-person only.
HyperDrive Narcotics Investigation consists of: 
  • Vetting the Informant
  • Surveillance Tactics and Techniques
  • Acting Undercover
  • Raid Techniques, Planning and Execution
  • Choosing the Right Type of Investigation  (Hand-to-Hand Buys, Control Purchases, Undercover Purchases or Order and Rip).

This course also includes segments on Interview Interrogation Techniques, Search Warrant Writing, Report Writing and Courtroom Testimony.  Teaching the techniques of the investigation is only the beginning.  To enhance the classroom learning, HyperDrive uses professional role players to run a mock case at various off-site locations.

Register at www.truesecuritydesign.com

Phone: 732-779-3406

Discounts: 10% for Multiple Officers and $50 off for officers investing in their own training.