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This course prepares students to assess, contain and diffuse crisis situations.

In any type of a crisis call that your officers respond to, how the first officer on scene handles it can make a life-saving difference. Our 2-day course combines classroom training led by an experienced FBI trained crisis/hostage negotiator with the use of professional role players to bring the training to life.

This highly-rated course gives an overview and the basic elements of critical communication skills and negotiation techniques. It examines role of psychology and use of fellow officers to diffuse and dissuade potentially suicidal subject from reacting to stressors with rage and violence. Designed for the 1st responding officer, Crisis Intervention for the Road Cop prepares students to assess, contain and diffuse crisis situations including DV gone badly, hostage/barricade incidents and any high stress situations potentially encountered as part of the routine performance of their job.

To Register: https://www.jpangaro.com/patrol-refresher-courses.html