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Hosted by the National Institute of Crime Prevention.

CPTED strategies are ideal for Law Enforcement Officers, Architects, City/Urban/Park Planners, City Managers, City Council Members, Landscape Architects, Security Consultants, Educators or anyone involved in designing neighborhoods, schools, downtowns, buildings, or revitalization efforts. It is an effective way of fighting crime and promoting business.

Cities and Counties throughout the country are adopting CPTED ordinances requiring site plan reviews with crime prevention in mind. Law enforcement officers who are specially trained in CPTED are now working closely with Planners, Architects, City Officials, and Educators to ensure the proper design of structures, schools, and neighborhoods. Participants will learn how the design and use of the environment can control human / criminal behavior and reduce the fear of crime. They will learn crime prevention through natural means. How natural access control and natural surveillance decrease the opportunity for crime. Participants will learn the different aspects of lighting and its effects on human behavior. Participants will work together on a site survey and provide a group presentation of their results utilizing CPTED strategies. They will learn the advantages of having a CPTED ordinance and how to construct and present it to lawmakers.

Basic CPTED Course Agenda

Day 1

8:30 – 9:00am Registration & Introductions
Introduction to CPTED
CPTED Definitions and Strategies
Lunch on your own
CPTED and the Design Process
“Design Out Crime” Program
Barriers: Real vs. Symbolic—Landscaping, Fencing, and Interior Walls

Day 2
Lighting for Safety and Security
Planning, Zoning, and CPTED
Lunch on your own
Planning, Zoning, and CPTED
“Designs For Walkable Neighborhoods”
Community Enrichment-Using Design Strategies (practical exercise 1)

Day 3
Traffic Calming & CPTED
Writing a CPTED Ordinance / Overlay Districts
Understanding Site Plans
Lunch on your own
Site Plan Review
Group Site Plan Review (practical exercise 2)
Group Site Plan Presentations
CPTED Around the Globe

Day 4
CPTED Report Writing
Sample Field Assessments
Preparation / Assignments / Field Assessments
Field Assessments (field exercise #1)
Lunch on your own
Field Assessments
In Class Preparation

Day 5
In Class Preparation
Class Presentations (practical exercise 3)
Lunch on your own
Class Presentations

All participants must work in a group to complete and present a graded CPTED Field Assessment. The groups will need to take pictures of their site and incorporate those pictures into a PowerPoint presentation. It is suggested that the participants bring a digital camera or camera phone along with any cables required to download the files to a laptop computer. Each group needs to have a laptop computer to create their PowerPoint presentation; if you have a laptop you can bring for your group to use it is recommended.

3-day Advanced CPTED to follow in January…please view our calendar to register for both and make payment at the same time. That course is $395. If you register for both the cost will be $895. You must take the 3-day ADVANCED CPTED in addition to the Basic CPTED to earn the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation.

Location: Ocean County Police Academy, Lakewood NJ

Cost: $595

Sheriff’s Association of New Jersey
Sheriff’s Association of New Jersey
c/o Ocean County Police Academy
659 Ocean Avenue
Lakewood, NJ 08701