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In any type of a crisis call that your officers respond to, how the first officer on scene handles it can make a life-saving difference. Our 2-day course combines classroom training led by an experienced FBI trained crisis/hostage negotiator with the use of professional role players to bring the training to life.

Crisis Intervention and Verbal De-escalation Training provides law enforcement professionals with time-tested communication skills proven to help de-escalate volatile situations.  These skills when used by police officers significantly enhance the agency’s professional image and relations with the community. 

 This impactful course gives an overview and the basic elements of critical communication skills and negotiation techniques.  Verbal De-escalation is what we use during a potentially dangerous, or threatening, situation in an attempt to prevent a person from causing harm to us, themselves or others.  This 2 day course will teach the verbal de-escalation/communication skills (for crisis and other day-to-day situations) to assist officers in the routine performance of their job in situations such as: assisting someone with a possible mental illness, domestic disturbances, dealing with children, assisting victims, helping traumatized witnesses, and even diffuse and dissuade potentially suicidal/violent subject from reacting to stressors with violence.                                                              Topics covered:

  • Quickly evaluate any interaction to determine whether de-escalation efforts are reasonable to consider, tactically practical, and likely to be successful
  • Strategies for ensuring personal safety
  • Behavior Escalation Stages
  • Using tone, body language and appropriate words
  • Understanding physiological changes during aggression

To see our training schedule and to register for courses, visit our website, www.ipvideocorp.com  and click on the True Security tab.    https://ipvideocorp.com/tsd/pangaro-police-training/spring-2020-courses/