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This course features psychiatrist Dr. Alex Soloway MD, a friend to the law enforcement community.  He will be offering expertise on the following issues we face in our career:

  • Stress and the negative effects on the body,
  • Coping skills for officers (breathing techniques, mindfulness, relaxation, progressive muscle relaxation
  • Common Psychiatric Disorders that we face in our field and various treatment options available for officers

Additional Course Highlights:

  • Examination of the key issues that derail officers careers off the job: Alcohol/Dependency issues, DV issues,  the “INFAMOUS FIVE” crimes that bring cops down, Social media issues
  • Examination of the key “on the job issues” that officers engage in that negatively impact their careers: Sexual Misconduct/Harassment issues, common IA issues that lead to termination and discipline, Brady/Giglio issues, Police information, and many more